Construction of a semi buried tank with a covered area of ​​1,600 m² and a capacity of 10,000 m3 of treated water linked by a valve room with a covered area of ​​63 m² located at the complex of the National Water Distribution Utility in Ghdir el Golla

The works executed are:

  • Bulk excavation
  • Dosed concrete of 250 KG HRS / m3 with slab-to-slab height of 1.20 on a surface covering 1,800 m2
  • Waterproofing work over the entire surface of the concrete placed on a support in floated cement plaster and protected by a layer of cement plaster 1.5 cm thick
  • Porous concrete over the entire surface of the concrete separated by 45 cm thick drainage channels
  • Base slab of reinforced dosed concrete with 400kg HRS / m 3, 40 cm thick and a surface area 1,800 m2 reinforced by a mechanically floated hard screed
  • Circumferential skirt in reinforced dosed concrete with 400 kg HRS / m3 on an internal radius of 22.50 m, 40 cm thick and 6.47 m height including skirt head
  • 20 concrete circular reinforced columns with a diameter of 50 cm
  • Belt beam reinforced concrete on the head of a skirt separated with a neoprene gasket
  • Crown beam reinforced concrete on the 20 columns on a radius of 14.45m and height of 70 cm
  • Inclined reinforced concrete slab on the belt beam and the crown beam separated by a neoprene gasket
  • Lightweight beam on the 1.70 m high crown beam
  • 40 curved beams of 14 m length and radius of 21.50 m in prefabricated reinforced concrete placed on the light beam and closed by a circular beam of radius 3.20 m and height of 70 cm
  • Precast reinforced concrete elements in the shape of a coke placed between the curved beams serving as a tank cover with a special coating called ” Masterseel “

Valve chamber:

is composed of a base slab, concrete walls of solid slabs in reinforced concrete

Détails du projet

Client: SONEDE
Location: Ghdir El Golla - Tunisia
Completed: May 2010
Value: 3,000,040 TND