Following the new gas storage security standard, Entrepose Contracting company has selected SBF to perform Civil Engineering works and Roads and infrastructure works on the liquefied hydrocarbon storage project in Gabes. The purpose of this project is to create a new storage depot with a capacity of 24,000 m3 composed of 6 storage spheres. The spheres lie by means of a metal insert on a circular inner wall of reinforced concrete, the sill plate is based on bored piles 13 m length and 600 mm of diameter. This project essentially includes:

  • Sarcophagus of the three spheres S101, S102 and S103.
  • Silting of 6 spheres S101, S102, S103, S104, S105 and S106.
  • Hydro demolition and reconstruction of the sarcophagus of the Sphere S106 (with another contract).
  • Roads and infrastructure works
  • Signaling


One of the major challenges faced during the project is the repair of the S106 sphere sarcophagus which consists of :

  • Cutting the veil from level + 26.10 to level + 34.10
  • Demolishing the concrete by hydro-demolition from level 24.85 to level + 26.10, revealing the reinforcement in this area.
  • Resumption of casting the veil from level + 24.85 to level +34.10 using a climbing formwork.

Project details

Client: National Oil Distribution Company AGIL
Location: Gabes
Completed: May 2017
Value: 6,550,000 TND

Significant figures

Silting : 18,000 m3
Concrete 3,000 m3
Structure : 650 Tons