Building of a 480 km road subdivided into 5 tasks.
SBF obtained tasks 1 and 2.
Task 1: 25 km road 2×3 m two-ways.
Task 2: 95 km of 6 m way.
The project is based on the exploitation of abundant shell materials in the concerned area and their use for the pavement and the bituminous concrete. The site, almost a desert, contrasts with the aquatic expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, located 2.3 km from the center line of the route. The dunes have been stabilized on 8 km requiring, as a result, the installation, within 20 months, of 1.15 million m3 of backfill, 450,000 m3 of pavement and 120,000 tons of bituminous concrete.

Project details

Client: Ministry of Equipment and Transport of Mauritania
Location: Nouakchott-Nouadhibou, Mauritania
Completed: September 2004
Value: 26,187,376 TND