The M’dhila 2 project relating to the new 54% concentrated phosphoric acid plant executed for the purpose of producing triple superphosphate at the existing M’dhila1 plant includes four units (Unit 70 000; 71 000; 72 000; 74 000). The study area is located 13km from the city of Gafsa and 5km from the city of M’dhila. The M’dhila2 plant is bordered in the west by the existing M’dhila1 plant and in the north Oued ELMALAH.

This unit includes a production line for dilute phosphoric acid with a daily capacity of 600 tons of P2O5 in 25% P2O5 phosphoric acid and three concentration stations with daily capacity each of 300 tons of P2O5 in 54 % P2O5 phosphoric acid each with a fluorine recovery system in 15% fluosilicic acid.

The unit will include the following sections:

  • Section 752: Supply and storage of wet phosphate
  • Section 721: Extraction and pulping of phosphate.
  • Section 720: Attack / Filtration
  • Section 722: Flash Cooler
  • Section 725: Concentration of phosphoric acid at 54% P2O5
  • Section 726: Industrial and cooling water
Client: Hyundai & Socomenin, Groupe Chimique Tunisien
Location: M’dhilla - Gafsa
Surface Area: 29,175 m²
Value: 14,564,792 TND

Chiffres marquants

Excavation : 17,104 m3
Earthworks : 29,175 m2
Concrete : 14,500 mPhosphoric
Frame : 2,700 Tons