The purpose of this contract is the execution of civil engineering works for the combined-cycle power plant stage D at Sidi Abdelhamid – Sousse.

The project includes two tasks: “the cooling system” task and ” Road and infrastructure works ” task. The project includes:

  • Basin and discharge channel,
  • water cooling circuit (concrete pipe DN 2,200 mm, length 1 300 m)
  • condenser inlet structure,
  • pumping station structure including temporary structures,
  • Electrochlorination building,
  • seawater intake structure including temporary structures
  • road works and landscaping.


One of the major challenges faced during the project is the respect of the performance milestones between the various companies involved for the operation of the plant on time.

Project details

Client: Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company - STEG
Location: Sousse
Completed: July 2016
Value: 25,259,771 TND

Significant figures

Earthworks : 110,000 m3
Backfilling : 45,000 m3
Concrete : 11,600 m3
Structure : 1,100 Tons
Conduit in reinforced concrete DN2200 : 1,300 ML