The Bridge and Roadway department of the branch of Sfax has carried out major work on the construction of a section of the Médenine – Ras Jédir (Libyan border) motorway project, for the benefit of Tunisie Autoroute company: LOT9: from PK164 + 400 to PK176 + 279 & 12,125 km of duplication of the RN1 (Total length = 24,000 km).
The works in particular concerned the clearing of the rights-of-way works, the execution of the different layers of the body of the motorway, drainage works, the works of construction of four overpasses with slab bridges and double porticoes, construction of a toll station with associated works and equipment, signaling works and safety equipment.


One of the major challenges faced during the project is to successfully complete it despite the difficulties and cases of force majeure experienced in the region of the site. All the SBF teams were mobilized for this project to meet the expectations of its users.

Project details

Single lot: Yes
Location: Medenine - Ras Jedir
Completed: October 2018
Value: 70,342,718 TND

Significant figures

Loose materials : 1,110,000 m3
Rock cuttings : 14,000m3
Backfilling : 1,510,000 m3
GRH : 80,000 m3
GB0/20 : 63,000 m3
GC0/20 : 162,000 m3
BB0/14 : 24,600 m3
Concrete drainage CPA works : 3,170 m3
High sulfate resistant concrete : 2,040 m3
Steel : 506 Tons
Toll station slab : 2,415 m2
Equipment for engineering and hydraulic structures
Excavations and protections
Signaling and security
Emergency call network