Industrial projects is one of SBF’s target projects. One of the most important industrial sites is the construction of the phosphoric plant for the benefit of TIFERT in Skhira, this project consists in the construction of the following works:

  • Storage container No. 01: 50% and 60% phosphoric acid storage container formed by a retention area of ​​126.50 x 62.66m
  • Storage container No. 02: 40% phosphoric acid storage container formed with a retention area of ​​126.57 x 70.66m
  • Storage container No. 03: a sulfuric acid storage container formed by a retention area of ​​70.4 x 47.2m
  • A buried container used for receiving wet phosphate from wagons with central or lateral unloading, 300m length, 7m depth and 4m width
  • A wet phosphate storage silo with a volume of 5,000 m3 (approximately 8,000 tons) in a conical parallelepiped shape
  • Compressor room: of a 336 m2 building with a metal frame structure
  • Premises made up in phosphorus: with concrete structures and slab, masonry walls
  • Neutralization building: The surface is 360 m2
  • Common control unit: Floor area including transformer units: 1,200 m2
  • Sandblasting unit and plastic processing unit: The area of ​​this unit is 225 m2
  • Maintenance workshops: The overall surface of this building is around 2,650 m2.
  • Spare parts store: The overall surface of this building is around 2,550 m2
  • Racks interconnections: R1 to R12 racks for connecting the various zones and works of the factory.
  • Brackish water collection basin (15 m3) and a well (6m x 4m x 3m)
  • Electricity unit of the wet phosphate unloading section
  • Exterior fittings, Roads and infrastructure works and various works
  • Railways: Part outside the factory of 1,500 m and inside the factory which consists of a beam with an approximate length of 700 m

Project details

Client: Tunisian Chemical Group GCT
Location: Skhira - Tunisia
Completed: November 2010
Value: 27,067,954 TND

Significant figures

Backfilling : 13,998 m3
Excavation (wells, swales, bulk) : 57,453 m3
Backfilling around the structure : 34,476 m3
Reinforced Concrete Foundations : 34,476 m3
Reinforcing bar : 3,310 Tons


One of the major challenges faced during the project is to successfully achieve it within the contractual period and mainly in relation to the important dates for the reception of the various works mentioned above.