Construction of a 28.3 km section of motorway. Achieved work: earthworks (2.5 million m3 of backfill and 900,000 m3 of excavation), pavement (underlayment in gravel and cement 0/31.5: 200 000 m3, foundation layer in reconstituted moistened gravels 0/20 : 114,000 m3, base layer in Gravel Bitumen 0/20: 90,000 m3 and wearing course in Bituminous Concrete 0/14: 33,600 m3), construction of 2 girder bridges on piles, 30 scuppers (single, double, multicellular), 14 underpasses (porticoes) and tubes (D1000 / D800).
Related works: drainage and protection of hydraulic works, indication equipment and the emergency call network.

Project details

Client: Tunisie Autoroutes
Location: Sfax - Tunisia
Completed: March 2008
Value: 21,260,740 TND