Customer satisfaction and quality

Recognized by the quality of its services and the constant attention to customers’ expectations, SBF has always strived to show its ability to constantly provide a product and service that meet the expectations of its customers and relevant stakeholders and to comply with legal and regulatory requirements applicable through the implementation and then the continuous development of a quality management system since 2009 in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001.

All SBF staff are working on the harmonization of the Integrated Management System QSE that is implemented as a way to improve company management and promote synergies between work sites in order to better meet the expectations of customers and other stakeholders.

Respect of the environment

SBF firmly believes that the success of the business lies imperatively on its commitment to the preservation of the environment :

  • By optimizing the use of natural resources through promoting recycling,
  • and by implementing preventive measures preventing possible environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of our projects.

Based on its conviction, we maintain and develop an environmental management system certified since 2012 in accordance with the international standard ISO 14001.


Human values


Occupational Health and security

The importance of Occupational Health and Safety is well established, our group made it a leitmotif. We are constantly working to improve our OHS performance:

  • For the safeguard of our human heritage,
  • through making the prevention of occupational risks an integral component.

Based on its strategic orientation focusing on the preservation of the physical integrity of all workers and other stakeholders, we maintain and develop an OSH management system certified since 2012 in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard and certified since 2019 in accordance with the international standard ISO 45001: 2018

Recognition of human values

The success of SBF is due to the professionalism of its employees and its confidence in its human capacities. Empowerment in the field, known hierarchical structure, openness and variety of profiles, sustained training effort prove the commitment of the management of SBF to promote career development in its skillful staff.


Tunis on February 21, 2019

The environment in which we live is becoming increasingly complex, uncertain and fluctuating, requiring more effort on our part in order to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, partners, and our stakeholders in terms of quality of execution, transparency and respect for the environment.

In order to meet the commercial, social and economic challenges, we have drawn our STRATEGIC ORIENTATIONS around the following axes :

  • Being the preferred entrepreneur of our customers;
  • Always striving for excellence in the preparation and execution of our projects;
  • Going upmarket on complex projects;
  • Putting all employees at the heart of the system;
  • Preserving the physical integrity of all workers and other stakeholders;

and we are COMMITTED as part of our integrated QSE management system to:

  • Maintain our customer orientation by providing services to their satisfaction;
  • Adopt an approach based on prevention for the improvement of our processes and the effectiveness / efficiency of our management system, as well as compliance with compliance obligations;
  • Provide the necessary resources including the use of new technology to achieve our objectives and our policy in line with our strategic directions;
  • Promote improvement and innovation by supporting and guiding our managers and staff;
  • Establish and maintain processes for consultation, participation and communication allowing the development of the QSE culture, the prevention of trauma and pathologies and the protection of workers against reprisals;
  • Prevent any factors that would harm the health and safety of our staff;
  • Prevent pollution

To reach this end, we have established our POLICY as follows:

  • A permanent relationship with our relevant stakeholders through interactive communication and effective consultation and participation.
  • Rigorous and transparent management allowing a satisfactory return on investment
  • Products and services that meet the requirements and expectations of our stakeholders.
  • The development of the skills of our staff and their involvement in the life of the company by stimulating the processes of innovation and systematic improvement
  • The provision of occupational safe and healthy and activities by improving all aspects of safety and health related to workers and other stakeholders and the prevention of trauma and pathologies.
  • Optimization of the use of natural resources by promoting recycling and prevention of pollution risks during the life cycle of our projects.

These axes will be implemented on our processes by means of objectives, preventive measures and measurable indicators. The pillars of these processes that I will name are responsible for compliance, efficiency, continuous improvement and control of any change that may affect the management system and to report on their performance and the opportunities for improvement, each in their field of activity.
As far as I am concerned, I undertake to implement all the actions, programs and means necessary for the management system and monitor its progress in accordance with our strategic directions and the context of SBF.


The Managing Director