SBF Training Center - الصنعة علامة

In order to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of quality of execution, SBF has created its own training center “in modern construction techniques ” since 2014 in partnership with GIZ. This center was created to meet the needs of SBF in Skilled Workforce, to integrate unemployed young people in a productive and sustainable circuit and reinforce the concept of ” Learning company “.

Thanks to its team of trainers composed of former professionals of the company who have been trained on the educational aspects, this training will allow the transfer of know-how to young people and the learning of construction techniques according to the benchmarks of the trades such as : masonry, formwork, coating, etc.

This center also provides our execution and management teams with training and technical improvement programs, which strengthens their skills, and qualifies them to provide services and products that meet our customers’ expectations.