Achieved works: 300,000 m3 of earth movement for general earthworks, foundation layer of laterite gravel (150,000 m3), base layer in laterite gravel stabilized with 4% cement, treated with pulvimixer (70,000 m3 of laterite and 6,500 tons of cement), surface coating in 43,820 ml of double-layer plaster, development of 7 crossroads including 2 roundabouts and bus stops at the level of agglomerations, special treatment of three marshy areas (6,000 m3 of concrete distributed in 84 culverts – 1×1, 1.5×1 and 2x (1.5×1), 10 000 ml of covered rectangular gutter- section 0.8 × 0.6).

Project details

Client: Ministry of Equipment and Transport of Benin
Single lot: Yes
Location: Bopa - Benin
Completed: March 2009
Value: 22,000,000 TND